Terms of Service

For MemeDB (meme.yiays.com).


memeAny media that is shared through culture and, for the purposes of this site, other people will enjoy. A meme can be an image, video, article, copypasta, story and almost any other form of media.

MemeDB, by the nature of being a database designed to record the history of memes and follow trends, allows almost all meme-related content, and will even store local backups of memes wherever possible in case the source material is ever deleted (which happens frequently).

Obviously, MemeDB operates within all applicable law. Refer to the privacy policy (below) for what we do with user data. MemeDB will refuse to host any content that breaks US, EU or NZ law.

Some examples of what we won't host on MemeDB include, but aren't limited to the following...

If you find something infringing on these terms, please use the relevant Reporting page.

Privacy Policy

MemeDB takes a stance of collecting as little data as possible from our users. For this reason, you will find that we don't even store passwords and instead rely soley on OAuth through Discord. As a casual browser, the bare minimum cookies are used in order to make browsing the site possible, cookies are also used to store your settings locally instead of associating them with your account. When you create an account, this is purely used to associate any edits you make with an identity that can be restricted should your account be used to abuse the site.

To simplify... Before logging in, MemeDB knows the following about you;

And once you've logged in, MemeDB also knows...

Request your data

A way to request your data will be implemented in the future...